Second Lauchenoirian Civil War

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Second Lauchenoirian Civil War
Map of Lauchenoiria detailing territory held by each combatant
Military situation as of 21 August 2018; Red - Lauchenoiria & allies, Blue - Coalition/Resistance, Yellow - Aeluria
Date09 May 2018 - 04 September 2018
Result Ended upon signing of Haven Accords
  • LauchenoiriaFlag.jpg Lauchenoirian Resistance
  • The Coalition:

  • AeluriaFlag.jpg Aeluria
  • Kvaskm Flag.png Kvask
  • Commanders and leaders







    Libertas Omnium Maximus

    Slokais Islands




  • Lauchenoiria - 24,000
  • Kerlile - 15,000
  • Gonhog - 15,000
  • Resistance - 10,000
  • Skoden - 5,000
  • Laeral - 5,770
  • Libertas Omnium Maximus - 5,400
  • Slokais Islands - 5,000
  • Conternia - unknown
  • Aeluria - 200
  • Kvask - 8,000
  • Casualties and losses
  • Lauchenoiria - 670 dead, 1240 wounded, 127 MIA
  • Kerlile - 320 dead, 750 wounded, 13 MIA
  • Gonhog - 875 dead, 1,300 wounded
  • Resistance - 540 dead, 920 wounded, 214 MIA
  • Skoden - unknown
  • Laeral - 296 dead, 600 wounded, 65 MIA
  • Libertas Omnium Maximus - 250 dead, 268 wounded, 98 MIA
  • Slokais Islands - 123 dead
  • Conternia - 98 dead, 86 MIA
  • Aeluria - 0
  • Kvask - 0
  • The Second Lauchenoirian Civil War was a conflict in Lauchenoiria in 2018. The conflict began after Suleman Chaher deposed Prime Minister Laura Moore in a coup d'état. Following this, the island of Aeluria issued a unilateral declaration of independence, which was not recognised by either of the other factions.

    The conflict lasted from May 2018 until September 2018 when the Haven Accords were signed after peace negotiations took place in Sanctaria. A unity government headed by Keitha Noguera was then set up in Lauchenoiria until fresh elections which took place in June 2019.

    Background[edit | edit source]

    Following 62 years of Communist rule after the First Lauchenoirian Civil War, a Liberal government was elected, which led to a referendum on capitalism being held in August 2017, which was won by those favouring a transition to capitalism with 62.3% voting in favour.

    In February 2018, following a riot by the Anarcho-Communist Collective of Lauchenoiria in Melissa City, Laura Moore's government accepted help from Skodenian Peacekeepers after hostages were taken. This led to conspiracy theories that Laura Moore was working for the Skodenian government.

    Suleman Chaher covertly gathered support for a vote-of-no-confidence in Laura Moore, which took place on the 9th May in a move Chaher's opponents criticised as an illegal coup d'état due to irregularities in the voting procedure.

    Timeline[edit | edit source]

    May[edit | edit source]

    • 9th May - Laura Moore deposed by Suleman Chaher.
    • 12th May - Aeluria declares independence
    • 15th May - Leanna Walker refuses to recognise Chaher's government
    • 16th May - Aeluria's declaration of independence recognised by Gnejs
    • 29th May - Chaher's government takes full control of Lauchenoirian media

    On 9th May 2018, the Federal Parliament of Lauchenoiria passed a vote-of-no-confidence in Laura Moore without giving advance warning of the vote taking place, a violation of parliamentary procedure and, some have argued, illegal in Lauchenoirian law. President Leanna Walker refused to recognise the government formed by Suleman Chaher after this took place, due to this perceived illegality. Following the refusal to recognise Chaher's government, Parliament began impeachment procedures on Walker. During this time, Walker remained in exile in Laeral, fearing arrest if she returned to Lauchenoiria.

    During this month, the island of Aeluria declared independence from the Federation of Lauchenoiria, a declaration of independence that was not recognised by either Suleman Chaher or Leanna Walker. The declaration of independence was recognised by Gnejs several days later, in an event some have characterised as unexpected. Most of the IDU have refused to recognise this declaration.

    June[edit | edit source]

    • 4th June - Gonhog declares support for Chaher's government.
    • 5th June - Leanna Walker is impeached.
    • 12th June - Annatown is captured by Resistance forces.
    • 13th June - Skodenian troops land in Lauchenoiria; Kerlian troops land in Lauchenoiria.
    • 14th June - Laeral declares war; Gonhogian troops land in Lauchenoiria; Resistance forces begin to battle government forces in Usera.
    • 15th June - The C.D.S.P enforces a no-fly zone over Lauchenoiria; Gonhogian forces capture Annatown from the Resistance; Coalition forces capture Summersea from the government
    • 16th June - Resistance forces capture Carville from the government; The Resistance in Usera succeed in expelling government forces.
    • 17th June - Kvaskm forces land in Aeluria; The Melissa City Police Department building is bombed by unknown perpetrators.
    • 18th June - Resistance forces liberate political prisoners held in Ginsap Prison; a Slokaisian man, inspired by the events in Lauchenoiria, attempts to assassinate Laeralian President Nicholas Brennan.
    • 20th June - The Lauchenoirian Navy begins a blockade of Aeluria; Gonhogian forces capture Carville from the Resistance.

    In early June, Leanna Walker was officially impeached by Parliament, and a warrant for her arrest issued. Laeral refused to extradite Walker. Kieran MacKenzie succeeded Walker as President. During this month, Gonhog and Kerlile both declared their support for Chaher's government, while Skoden and Laeral formed The Coalition to Liberate Lauchenoiria, siding with Moore and the Lauchenoirian Resistance. The Resistance captured Annatown, which began a series of battles across the country as cities changed hands between pro- and anti-Chaher forces.

    Kvask recognised Aeluria's declaration of independence and sent volunteer forces to the island to assist in defending the territory against Lauchenoirian forces. This move was supported by Keitha Noguera, First Minister of Aeluria, which surprised some as Noguera had previously been considered a pacifist. Towards the end of the month, the Lauchenoirian Navy began a blockade of the island preventing anyone from arriving, leaving or delivering supplies.

    Several terrorist-style attacks took place over this time alongside conventional warfare, including a bomb in the Melissa City Police Department headquarters. Laeralian President Nicholas Brennan was also a victim of an assassination attempt by a Slokaisian man claiming Chaher as his inspiration.

    July[edit | edit source]

    • 1st July - Suleman Chaher is shot by Leanna Walker and survives. Walker is imprisoned.
    • 8th July - Coalition forces break out of Summersea.
    • 12th July - Suleman Chaher is seen for the first time since the attempted assassination at a parade celebrating the 1952 revolution.
    • 18th July - Libertas Omnium Maximus declares war on Kerlile, Gonhog, and Lauchenoiria.
    • 19th July - Libertas Omnium Maximus joins the Coalition.
    • 20th July - The Resistance takes control of most of Ulinaria Province.
    • 21st July - Maximusian Special Forces capture the city of Carville from Gonhog.
    • 22nd July - Slokais Islands declares war on Lauchenoiria.
    • 24th July - Aertemedia joins the war.
    • 25th July - Suleman Chaher succumbs to his wounds and dies.
    • 27th July - Leanna Walker is executed in an unknown location.
    • 30th July - Lucas L. Brown, president of Libertas Omnium Maximus, is wounded by a car bomb.

    Suleman Chaher was the victim of an assassination attempt by Leanna Walker, initially surviving, but later dying following complications in surgery to treat his wounds. Following Chaher's death, Walker was executed. Charissa Clarke became the new Prime Minister of Lauchenoiria.

    During this month, Libertas Omnium Maximus, Slokais Islands and Aertemedia all joined the Coalition, which advanced north from Summersea, and by the end of the month, had captured territory covering most of Costeno and Ulinaria provinces. In response, Kerlile sent more troops to Lauchenoiria.

    President Lucas Brown of Libertas Omnium Maximus was wounded by a car bomb during this time. It is unknown yet whether this is related to the war.

    August[edit | edit source]

    • 1st August - An international manhunt begins for Brown's would-be assassin.
    • 3rd August - Aeluria announces they have run out of supply of certain items, including cigarettes imported by Kivasek.
    • 4th August - Kivasekian volunteers open fire at a riot at a food distribution point on Aeluria, killing one and injuring 4 others.
    • 5th August - Government forces report the body of Foreign Secretary Rowan Martin has been found and accuse the Resistance of being behind the killing.
    • 6th August - The Maximusian Homeland Defense Bureau determines that Kerlile could be behind the attack on Brown's life.
    • 7th August - Coalition forces engage Gonhogian forces in Ecanta Province; Kerlian forces take Usera from the Resistance.
    • 8th August - Lauchenoirian Resistance leader Sonja Viratnen-Alvarez is identified on Lauchenoirian state media as Jennifer Hale, a Kerlian aristocrat; the husband of Aelurian First Minister Keitha Noguera is found dead on an Aelurian beach.
    • 9th August - Prime Minister Charlene Hendry of Sanctaria calls for a ceasefire in Lauchenoiria and begin peace negotiations in Haven.
    • 10th August - Laura Moore, speaking on behalf of the Lauchenoirian Resistance, announces their willingness to enter peace talks; Gonhogian forces encounter the Coalition by Annatown, beginning the last major battle of the war.
    • 24th August - The Coalition retreats from Annatown after suffering crippling losses at the hands of Gonhog forces, a ceasefire begins across the country.
    • 29th August - Peace negotiations begin in Haven, Sanctaria.
    • 30th August - A group of Communist extremists storm the legislative building in Libertas Omnium Maximus, killing and wounding 8 people including two senators. Fast acting local police are able to subdue the perpetrators

    Following Chaher and Walker's deaths, the war continued as before. Aeluria remained blockaded and rationing on the island increased. Kerlian reinforcements arrived. The Coalition continued to fight Gonhog in Ecanta Province. On the 7th August, the city of Usera, which had been in Resistance hands since the 16th June, was captured by Kerlile. A long battle took place around Annatown, ending only shortly before a ceasefire, which began at noon on the 24th August, following all parties agreeing to peace talks. Peace negotiations began in Haven, Sanctaria on the 29th August.

    Conclusion[edit | edit source]

    The war concluded upon the signing of the Haven Accords in Sanctaria on the 4th September 2018. All parties involved in the conflict agreed to the terms of these Accords and the conflict was deemed finished upon their signing. A unity government headed by Keitha Noguera was formed and tasked with rebuilding after the elections.

    The Accords also established the Truth & Reconciliation Commission to investigate alleged war crimes and mediate any disputes. This commission began work on 1st November, and concluded with verdicts on the 25th July 2019.

    Aftermath[edit | edit source]

    Following the conclusion of the war, Lauchenoiria began to rebuild. Foreign aid was given to the country by a number of nations including Shuell, Laeral and Zamastan to help in the rebuilding process. In the June 2019 elections, the Liberal Party remained on top, while the votes of the Communist Party of Lauchenoiria decreased greatly, indicating where voters were placing blame.

    In November 2019, a third leak of documents pertaining to the Aurora Programme that Charissa Clarke had been a member of led to an international manhunt for other members of the Programme. In Lauchenoiria, the interference of so-called "Auroras" in the war has led to a greater distrust of Kerlians and a rise in anti-feminist groups.

    Due to sanctions placed on the Matriarchy of Kerlile by all participant nations, as a result of the verdicts in the Truth & Reconciliation Commission trials, an economic crisis has led to a rationing of goods in the Matriarchy. Former Kerlian Councillor Anita Patel was imprisoned in Sanctaria along with a number of other individuals including Charissa Clarke and Victoria Juarez.