As Far As You Wish Me To Go (Gabriel Fleming RP)


“So, Gabriel. How far will you go? Is there anything you will not do?” Calhualyana looked Fleming squarely in the eyes, not even blinking.

"If I was not willing to do what needs to be done, I'd have stayed in Lauchenoiria," he met the Empresses eyes easily. "So to answer the question: I will go as far as you wish me to go." - Stories from Huenya (11 June 2021)


"There are three individuals Lauchenoiria is currently holding that we would accept in exchange. Their names are Dina Redondo, Xavier Everett, and Mariano Serrano. We will accept a trade for these three individuals - but only these three. Prime Minister Alvarez will know of them, and why we want them. If the Lauchenoirians refuse the trade, we will not release the three detainees, and they will go on trial on terrorism charges. I look forward to their response." - WOE Is Me (13 Apr 2023)

Josephine Alvarez did not want to do this. Even after the IWC, she did not want to do this. There is a difference between a personal dispute being resolved, and a personal dispute feeling like it had been resolved. For all her public statements to the contrary, Alvarez still feared Yauhmi. Nevertheless, she still had her secretary dial the Xomaxtli Hill estate and ask to speak with her.

After a moment between intermediaries, Yauhmi took the call with a slight feeling of surprise. Calls from important people had dwindled since she had left the throne. Josephine Alvarez also wasn't exactly on her "friends I chat with" list.

That's what made the call more interesting. 

"Good morning, madam Prime Minister. How are you doing?"

Alvarez chuckled wryly. "I could be considerably better, alas. My apologies for disturbing you, but I feel I have a duty to warn you of something. Is this line secure?"

"It is," Yauhmi replied, her interest growing even more. "And it is rare that anyone asks me that when it's good news they are bringing me."

"No," Alvarez sighed. "I don't suppose they do. In any case, my news is... not good. For either of us. Um," she paused. She'd rehearsed this ten times before calling and even now it was difficult for her to willingly bring up the incident.

"You'll recall a few weeks back some of the foolish WOE activists decided to spray paint the Novellan Embassy in Tlālacuetztla?"

"Ah, yes. It frankly boggled my mind that they would do something so dangerous and foolish under Calhualyana's gaze. Especially for so little gain."

"Believe me, I don't understand it either. But, well, unfortunately it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of Lauchenoirian citizens. And, um..." she paused for too long, the words stuck in her throat.

"I can appreciate the difficulty you must have had dealing with the situation. Pardon me for asking, but does this now have something to do with myself or with Huenya?" Yauhmi was still intrigued but now more than a little confused.

Alvarez took a deep breath and just came out with it. "We agreed to a prisoner exchange with Xiomera to return the three Lauchenoirians. In return, Xiomera asked for three of our prisoners, who were... who were colleagues of Gabriel Fleming."

Silence stretched out for a long moment. "So you traded three associates of Fleming for three dimwitted activists who barely know what end of a spray can to point away from themselves." Her voice was flat, except for a slight but noticeable rasp on Fleming's name.

Alvarez cringed. She should have gotten someone else to make the call. But no, she was responsible for what happened, and it was her duty to do this. No matter how much it made him feel like crawling under her desk.

"I had reports suggesting the Xiomerans were going to - to put it bluntly - torture the three. And you're right," she preempted the response, given how everyone had been saying the same thing, "we should have done something about WOE earlier. Trust me, I deeply wish we had. But at the end of the day I couldn't leave them at the mercy of Calhualyana."
"There is some merit to that," Yauhmi finally conceded. A slight twinge went down her left arm, a reminder of her own time in Calhualyana's questionable mercy. She shook the arm gently as she continued. "So. Calhualyana will almost certainly try to leverage these three associates of his against both our countries. I shall inform FIS, my son and the Vice-Speaker that we need to be prepared for that. I am sure you are preparing as well  in Lauchenoiria."

"Oh, absolutely," Alvarez replied. "Since his defection to Xiomera, Fleming has undoubtedly been doing his best to cause trouble here. For... for what it's worth I still feel awful about... anyway we suspect Fleming has been behind a massive increase in disinformation spreading around Lauchenoiria. I worry that with more of them, and given Calhualyana's recent threats, that they will seek to escalate somehow."

"Oh, they undoubtedly will. Our intelligence agencies should coordinate with each other in coming up with a response. Damn that woman," Yauhmi said, the last part of that clearly referring to Calhualyana. "Incidentally, I no longer blame you for the...incident, years ago, so you need not apologize. I do, however, blame Fleming. For that reason, I almost do hope that he does show his face in Huenya."

A ghost of the old Yauhmi, the one who had existed before the civil war, floated down the phone line like a chill in the air.

Alvarez, surprisingly, relaxed a little. She would, perhaps, enjoy it a little too much should Fleming meet an unfortunate fate. She absolutely needed to deal with her guilt, though.

"Yes, I agree we ought to coordinate. Calhualyana is becoming more emboldened by the day. Very few are challenging her; there seems to be a sense of complacency in countries she has not overtly threatened."

"No one ever takes a threat seriously until it's on their doorstep. I am not surprised by the lack of concern among the leaders of the world; I am merely a bit disappointed." Yauhmi paused. "I would definitely suggest that you speak with either my son or the Vice-Speaker to see how Huenya and Lauchenoiria  can work together to strengthen each other in the face of Calhualyana and her damnable schemes. I can convey messages, of course, but I am a tiny bit out of the loop these days."
"Of course, I will do so," Alvarez replied. "It's vital our countries work together on this."

"I agree. I will let them know that you will be reaching out. And," Yauhmi paused again, "thank you for warning me first. The gesture does mean a lot. We tend to be a bit casual on security here at my estate but that may have to change."

"Unfortunately, I think we both need to consider security more than we would like," Alvarez sighed. "You're welcome for the warning. I won't keep you; I've another meeting about how to deal with WOE to get to soon anyway."

"Very good, I wish you luck with that. Thank you for your call," Yauhmi said before concluding the call. She had her own phone calls to make to various Huenyan officials. But first, she needed to have a conversation with the commander of her personal guard.

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The Empress was in the mood to cause some chaos. Luckily, she had a minion for that. "Gabriel, would you be so kind as to send the signal we discussed?" Calhualyana chuckled slightly at her own pun.

“Of course, your majesty,” Fleming smirked at the tablet as he carried out his orders. Multiple media outlets would begin reporting the information right away; which would be picked up by others, and would spread across the globe at the speed of rumour. And all across the world, as well as right next door, two women would not be happy.


Josephine Alvarez was just sipping her morning coffee and stuffing toast in her mouth as she rushed her breakfast when the news broke. She heard it simultaneously on the television she was playing in the background, and the aide who burst through the door to warn her. She spat out some of the coffee and swore loudly; whipping out her phone to try and get on with the damage control immediately.


At Xomaxtli Hill, Yauhmi was having a much more leisurely lunch when the head of her guard advised her to turn on the television. She switched it on to the Huenyan National News daily broadcast. As the broadcaster spoke, a single eyebrow rose on Yauhmi's face. She swore softly to herself in Huenyan, expecting that a phone call would soon be coming from Chuaztlapoc.


Sandra Pavía wasn’t best pleased either when she found out from a Conservative MP she was friends with. She’d been going over her notes for a speech supporting continued intervention in Auria when he sat down next to her and silently passed her a tablet, a grimace of sympathy on his face. She read it silently, then handed it down and turned to him.

“Let me guess, there are already rumours that I was somehow the person who leaked this?”

“You know how much the left enjoys accusing you of everything bad that’s even tangentially related to Xiomera,” he replied, shaking his head sadly. “I do hope this doesn’t overshadow next week.”

“It won’t,” Pavía shook her head. “I will not allow it. This clearly wasn’t me; but I know exactly which smirking traitor it was. Alvarez ought to have done something about Gabriel Fleming a long time ago.”


Tiacihitli had already had his lunch and was meeting with his advisors when the news broke. Yet more swearing in Huenyan occurred. Unlike his colleague at Xomaxtli Hill, the Vice-Speaker was completely broadsided by the news. He immediately reached for his phone. "Damage control" didn't even begin to cover it. First, though, there would be a conversation with a certain individual.


Mariya Adema muttered to herself as she walked through the corridors of the Ministry of Loyalty complex, heading towards the cells, reading some of the articles on her phone.

“You think that is sufficient to destabilise Lauchenoiria? Hah, Gabe, I know fine well that I can do better than that. Just you wait. Just you wait…”

She entered the cell of one of the Lauchenoirians they’d caught rowing the boat for the dead would-be bomber of a Xiomeran naval ship. He’d broken weeks ago, of course; but Mariya had some new questions for him that she’d just thought of.

“Good morning,” she smiled, baring her teeth and narrowing her eyes.


Texōccoatl had been enjoying his own lunch with his family at Xochuaxte Palace. Emphasis on had. Now, as the news spread, he sighed softly and facepalmed. He was thankful that Huenya had a Vice-Speaker to take the brunt of the backlash to come. He knew, however, that said Vice-Speaker was about to be very angry with both his mother and himself. And he was not looking forward to yet another conversation about The Misadventures of Yauhmi.


The information that was broadcast across the planet at a word from Calhualyana and the push of a button from Fleming contained the full details of the attack Yauhmi had ordered on the Buttercity traffic grid following Lauchenoiria’s meddling in the Great Selection. It detailed what had happened; the lack of response from Alvarez; and the transcript of Alvarez grovelling - and the worse option that could have occurred had Alvarez not done so.

Not only would it embarrass Alvarez, making her look weak and incompetent; it would also have the secondary effect of making Yauhmi look like the tyrant that certain anti-Royal Family elements of Huenyan society wished to paint her as. Yes, Gabriel Fleming had done well: and without having to do much at all.


Gabriel Fleming sat in the dark room with a single desk light focused on the piece of paper in front of him. The ominous atmosphere was deliberately calibrated for his meeting with Mariya Adema, due to take place in fifteen minutes. The pair had been engaged in a competition to become Empress Calhualyana’s favourite foreigner since Fleming’s defection. Neither was a fan of the other, and when they were forced to work together, they both tried to undermine each other as much as possible - without jeopardising the aims of the Xiomeran Empire, of course.

He was presently drafting a press release of sorts, to be distributed to friendly (or gullible) media outlets which would hopefully discredit several of Xiomera’s worst enemies. It was a grown-up version of replying with “I know you are, but what am I?” to accusations levelled against Xiomera itself. Fleming intended to paint both Huenya and Lauchenoiria as imperialist wannabes, with their designs painted upon the Canal Zone. He had already fabricated certain pieces of “evidence”, and was now putting the finishing touches on his masterpiece.

The door opened, interrupting his work as Mariya Adema walked in without knocking, laughing out loud and spinning in a circle before flopping on a chair across from him. She did not bat an eyelid at the ominous atmosphere, and instead dumped a package on top of his desk, knocking several of his pens to the ground.

“Hey Gabe, you’ll never believe what I managed to get!” Mariya grinned.

“Ms Adema,” Fleming greeted her tersely. She took no heed.

“Remember the eco-terrorists?” she continued. “Well, I started writing letters to one of them back in Lauchenoiria, just for the fun of it, teasing her. Anyway, she actually responded with full-on essays I asked her to write! I can’t decide which part is funnier: that she actually wrote them, or that the Lauchenoirian postal service delivered them in the first place! Do they even check what’s in their mail?”

“No, the Lauchenoirian postal service does not pre-screen the contents of mail unless there is a specific reason to believe a crime is being committed,” Fleming responded.

“That’s so stupid! What if people are writing about plots to overthrow the government?” Mariya frowned, shaking her head at the folly of democracies.

“I do not believe that Chaher organised his coup via mail, but I could be mistaken,” Fleming replied. “Regardless, I left Lauchenoiria for a reason. Do you have what I need?”

“Ugh, you’re no fun, always straight to business. Fine, yes, I have the confession,” Mariya whined, tossing a USB stick to the spy.

“Good, this will assist with the quality of the story,” Fleming nodded. “Now, I must get back to work and I’m sure you have someone to torture, so I’ll let you get on with that.”

“Actually, everyone assigned to me already broke, but I can always go and play with one of the other eco-terrorists. They’ll probably be executed soon, so I’m doing them a favour really, making them want to die.”

“Good for you,” Fleming muttered, turning away.

“Fine, I’ll leave,” Mariya grumbled, standing up and grabbing her package, sweeping some of Fleming’s papers to the ground in the process. “Oops!” she said, then quickly ran out of the door.

“That damned Kerlian demon,” Fleming hissed as he collected his things.


Sources inside the intelligence department have revealed evidence of a concerning plot by both the Federation of Lauchenoiria and the Federation of Huenya to take control of the Canal Demilitarised Zone surrounding the Intra-Xiomeran Canal, in direct violation of the Jinyu Agreement.

Disturbing evidence of the plot includes suspicious behaviour by Lauchenoirian “peacekeepers” within the Canal Zone; suspicious Huenyan troop movements; and most damningly, a confession by a high-ranking Lauchenoirian military officer that preparations have been in place for months. Please see attached images and transcript.

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Lauchenoirian External Intelligence Agency HQ, Melissa City

The agent walked normally along the corridor, as if he was meant to be here. Indeed, his very legitimate identification asserted this also. It was only in his mind that he did not belong, that gave away his very divided loyalties.

He had not intended to commit treason. It just sort of happened. He sat by and watched as the Lauchenoirian government grew weaker and weaker, allowing all sorts into the country and allowing those irritating activists to run wild. It was unconscionable to him that he should just sit by and let the country be run by weaklings!

And then, well, some discontented fellow agents got together. It happens, right? Well, and then Fleming got arrested, then Fleming defected to Xiomera, then Fleming got back in touch with his old network… and now he found himself working for Xiomera.

It wasn’t his plan, and it wasn’t ideal, and if he stopped to think about it too long this gnawing sense of doubt and horror would wiggle its way up his spine. In those instances he did what any sensible person would do, and got drunk, then went right back to it the next day.

Today, he had received new orders from Fleming. He was to acquire certain top-secret military documents and pass them back to Xiomera. These documents were hypothetical proposals for military situations that had not occurred, nor did anyone want them to occur. They were just there for the unexpected. Preparations for every eventuality. Except that they were written in the exact same style as preparations for things actually planned. Which could be very useful if one wished to imply that Lauchenoiria was about to do something dodgy.

Nothing much had come of the Canal Zone allegations. Nobody believed the word of a prisoner of war combined with far-fetched interpretation of the facts. This manufactured evidence, however, would be much harder for Lauchenoiria to refute once it was released. It was far more comprehensive, and had come within an inch of being used a few years back. That was what Fleming was counting on.

Xiomera could have sent terrorists to Lauchenoiria as they had Eiria and Huenya, but Lauchenoiria already had its own home-grown terrorism problem in the form of WOE, and people kept on living their lives regardless. Lauchenoiria needed softened up; people needed to distrust their government more. That was Fleming’s aim, to sow distrust.

Once the agent managed to pass the information back to Fleming in Xiomera, he would take it to Calhualyana to gain approval for the second part of his plan. There were many variables; and he did not know how it would play out in the end, but he knew one thing - it would play out badly for Lauchenoiria.

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