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Government loosens regulations for foreign travellers in bid to increase tourist numbers
15th April 2019

Today, Councillor Electra Georgiou announced that restrictions on the number of tourists allowed to visit Kerlile each year are to be lifted, in a bid to encourage more visitors. The Council have also issued new guarantees that tourists will receive protection from arrest for “minor crimes”.

In a surprising move, the Council have amended the tourism restrictions to allow visitors “regardless of gender”. This move will allow foreign males to enter Kerlile for the first time since 1960 (excluding diplomatic personnel). Tourist groups will still be required to stick with tour guides throughout their visit, but restrictions upon where tour groups are allowed to visit have been greatly loosened.

“It is the hope of the Council that we can show the world that Kerlile is a beautiful, cultured place by allowing more visitors to enter our nation. For too long we have prevented many from visiting our country, and we intend for that to change. We hope this will lead to an increased interest in Kerlian culture abroad, and that we can also introduce other cultures into Kerlile,” Councillor Georgiou said in her statement.

Councillor Georgiou is known to be a fan of the arts, and has been responsible for several initiatives to increase arts education funding, and provide more opportunities for young Kerlians to get involved in the arts. She even championed a controversial initiative to create a music programme for boys, but the bill was vetoed by President Greenwood, who cited “budgetary constraints”.

The Council issued a new decree today that only Kerlian citizens could be charged with “anti-matriarchal activity”, and have pledged to release any foreign citizen who has been detained on this charge before. The Council have ensured that tourists will only be detained if they commit an “internationally recognised crime, such as murder” from this point forward. Foreign citizens guilty of ‘minor crimes’ will be deported back to their country of origin.

Councillor Rebecca Arnott said after Councillor Georgiou’s statement: “it is hoped that these new measures will increase tourist numbers, and will herald a new era for the Matriarchy of Kerlile, as we begin engaging more productively with the international community, and show people that the less savoury elements of Kerlile are firmly in the past.”

President Tyagi-Kennedy commends Kerlile on its growing concern for equality, diversity, and justice.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Councillor Carmen Robinson placed under house arrest for suspected treason
18th April 2019

In an unprecedented move, Councillor Carmen Robinson has been placed under house arrest after returning yesterday to the capital after spending months in a hidden location. She is suspected of leaking classified documents to the Lauchenoirian Resistance during the Lauchenoirian Civil War last year.

The Councillor returned to Grapevale yesterday evening, and entered the Council chamber attempting to force a vote on selecting a new President to replace Joanna Greenwood, who announced she would resign in October. President Greenwood’s resignation would take effect upon the selection of a new President – something which has been unable to happen as it requires all Councillors present, and Councillor Robinson has been unreachable until now.

She was arrested upon her entrance into the Council chamber on the orders of Councillor Patel and President Greenwood. She was taken to her property on the outskirts of Grapevale, and will remain there until the Council decide on their next move. It is expected that they will allow her to vote on the presidential selection before any further action is taken against her.

In 2018, former Prime Minister Laura Moore of Lauchenoiria acquired a USB stick containing classified Kerlian documents. Moore alleged these were proof of the existence of the “Aurora Programme”, a supposed Kerlian sleeper agent training programme. The Council has since assured Kerlians and the international community that the Aurora Programme is in fact a measure to improve education for orphans, and has nothing to do with espionage.

The classified documents indicated that they were collated by Councillor Robinson, who vanished shortly after their public release during the peace talks in Haven, Sanctaria. Councillor Robinson was not seen from that point until yesterday, when she was pictured being led out of the Council chamber in handcuffs.

Councillor Patel told KNS: “Nobody is above the law, not even Councillors. Councillor Robinson may have committed one of the worst crimes in this nation, and this must be investigated. Any Kerlian who commits treason against the Matriarchy is enabling the continued existence of the patriarchy, and should be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Councillor Hale gives birth to baby daughter
27th April 2019

Councillor Jennifer Hale has today given birth to a baby daughter. All of Kerlile is celebrating the birth of Amelia Josephine Hale, born this morning in an undisclosed hospital outside of Grapevale, the exact location kept secret due to security concerns. It is expected that Councillor Hale and her baby will appear in public on Thursday, and not before.

The rest of the Council have offered their congratulations to Councillor Hale, as each of them visits her in turn. Even Councillor Robinson – presently under house arrest for suspected treason – has been allowed to visit the new-born. The gender of the baby comes as a relief to the Council, as Councillor Hale faces charges for so-called ‘war crimes’ allegedly committed during the Lauchenoirian Civil War last year.

Amelia Hale becomes the heir to her mother’s seat on the Council – but under Kerlian law cannot inherit until her 14th birthday. This is cause for concern among the Council due to the threat of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission. In February, the Council passed a law amending the rules on Council succession, so that a daughter can ‘temporarily’ take her mother’s seat if the mother is unable to carry out her duties.

The Council called this a ‘contingency plan’ in the event that some or all of Councillors Patel, Pierre or Hale are found guilty of ‘war crimes’. Though it is widely acknowledged throughout Kerlile that these prosecutions are an attempt by the patriarchal countries to weaken Kerlile, it has been deemed necessary by the Council to cooperate and accept the results.

Amelia Hale is born into a world hostile to the Matriarchy and to her family. If the patriarchal countries succeed in imprisoning her mother, she will be forced to carry out her duties as a Daughter of the Council at a very young age, and without the woman who should be her mentor. Her situation is a reminder that the traditions of Kerlile are presently under attack, even as no war officially continues.

Throughout Kerlile, many celebrations will take place over the next week. The birth of a Councillor’s daughter is a momentous event in Kerlile, and many people organise parties to celebrate. Cities currently with curfews have had them suspended to allow celebrations to continue late into the night. Monday will be a public holiday, and all Kerlians are invited to send their best wishes to the new mother and baby.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Councillor Robinson allowed to attend Council meetings
5th May 2019

The Council of Kerlile today confirmed that Councillor Carmen Robinson, presently under house arrest for suspected treason, is to be allowed to attend sessions in the Council chamber and cast votes. “Under Kerlian law, Councillors cannot be prevented from voting, and unless Councillor Robinson is found guilty in court, she must be permitted to attend,” a legal spokeswoman for the Council confirmed.

Councillor Robinson will be escorted to and from the Council chambers by a team of police and security guards. She will not be permitted to speak to the media, or visit any other location without explicit permission. Her daughters remain in hiding.

Discussions are underway regarding whether or not to formally charge Councillor Robinson. If this course of action is taken, it will be unprecedented in Kerlian history. Even in 1983 following a coup attempt by Joanne Robinson (the present Councillor’s grandmother), no charges were brought and Councillor Robinson died soon after. Her death was ruled a suicide.

Councillor Robinson is accused of collating information about the “Aurora Programme”, and sending the classified information to Lauchenoiria. Lauchenoiria alleges these documents were proof of the existence of a Kerlian sleeper agent training programme. The Council has since assured Kerlians and the international community that the Aurora Programme is in fact a measure to improve education for orphans, and has nothing to do with espionage.

If Councillor Robinson is found guilty, it is likely that she will be stripped of her position and executed. The Council previously ruled that, due to her position, she cannot be subjected to normal interrogation procedures, however it is possible that a case could proceed regardless. It is expected that if a trial takes place, the proceedings will be open to the Kerlian public.

“The documents leaked were not a risk to Kerlile, as the programme they mentioned is simply a measure to improve the lives of orphans,” Councillor Pauline Pierre said in a statement. “However, the principle of the matter stands. No Kerlian should be leaking documents to a patriarchal country. If Councillor Robinson is guilty, and I pray to the Goddess she is not, she will face punishment for her actions.”

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Council approves creation of new political party
28th May 2019

In a surprising move, the Council of Kerlile has today authorised for the first time in Kerlian history the creation of a rival to the Women’s Party of Kerlile. Six members of the Council voted in favour of the move, four of whom have now joined the new party. The Reform Party, led by Councillor Rebecca Arnott, has five main reforms they wish to see in Kerlile:

1. Torture to be outlawed as a punishment, and Restricted Region facilities to be closed immediately.
2. Men to be allowed to pursue further education after the age of 16, and for employment restrictions on men to be greatly loosened.
3. An end to the emigration ban, and for Kerlians to be allowed to visit other countries as tourists.
4. The immediate end to unpaid labour in prisons and a new guarantee that all prisoners will be treated sufficiently well.
5. The release of so-called ‘political prisoners’ arrested for Class III anti-matriarchal activity (Class III offences are offences solely relating to speech and involving no additional action).

The announcement is accompanied by almost half of the Council joining the new Reform Party – Councillors Arnott, Georgiou, Hale and Robinson. It is expected that if one of these Councillors becomes the next president, that these policy changes will be carried out fairly quickly. Councillors Hart and Chiu also voted in favour of permitting the party’s creation, however they did not then join. Chiu remains a member of the Women’s Party, and Hart remains in no party.

However, many of the Council are thoroughly displeased with this development. Councillor Anita Patel released a statement today saying “this move is a threat to the continued existence of the matriarchy, as such policies, aiming to release criminals and give men power, could easily be open to patriarchal manipulation.”

The Council is in deadlock over a proposal to schedule parliamentary elections, with the new Reformist group of Councillors attempting to force early elections and the five Women’s Party members pushing back. The open division amongst the Council is another break with tradition, and can be seen in itself as a victory for the Reformists.

It is expected that the Council will set a date for the debate on the presidential appointment following President Greenwood’s resignation within the next few days.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Date set for Council debate on presidential appointment
29th May 2019

The Council of Kerlile today set a date for the appointment of President Joanna Greenwood’s successor. The debate on the appointment will take place on the 28th June and will continue uninterrupted until a successor is selected. It is expected that the debate will take around 10 hours, however such debates have varied in length from a single hour to four days in the past.

President Greenwood announced in November she would resign upon the appointment of a successor: however, all Councillors must be present for a succession debate to take place, and Councillor Robinson’s absence has delayed the debate for months. It is expected that Councillor Robinson will be forced to attend this debate.

It is unknown which Councillors will seek to be appointed to the position, but early speculation puts Councillor Rebecca Arnott and Councillor Letitia Greenwood, daughter of the current president, as the most likely candidates. Arnott is the leader of the new Reform Party, while Greenwood is a supporter of Kerlian traditions.

The Council announced today that they intended to keep the Kerlian public well informed on discussions about the appointment, which signifies a great change surrounding what was once a fairly secretive process. Councillor Georgiou said: “we owe it to the Kerlian people to be more open about the workings of the government, given how much it affects their lives.”

The President of Kerlile must be selected from within the ranks of the Council of Kerlile, and will be immediately succeeded as Councillor by her heir (usually her eldest daughter), provided the heir is at least 14 years of age. If the heir is under 14, the Council seat will remain vacant until the daughter comes of age. Presently, the only Councillor whose heir is under 14 is Councillor Hale.

Councillors who intend to put their names forward for selection are expected to do so before Sunday, however legally any Councillor can put her name forward on the day, and does not need to announce in advance.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Councillors declare their intention to run for President
4th June 2019

Councillors Arnott, Greenwood and Hart have today announced their nomination for President of Kerlile. A debate on the presidential succession has been scheduled for the 28th June, following President Joanna Greenwood’s resignation in October. Candidates must be nominated and seconded by two other Councillors, and will require the votes of six Councillors to be appointed.

Councillor Rebecca Arnott, leader of the new Reform Party, announced that if appointed, she would immediately push both the Council and the Parliament to enact legislation to enact the five main policies of the Reform Party – which vary from increasing educational opportunities for male citizens to outlawing torture as a punishment. She presently has the support of four Councillors, the members of her new party. Support for the new party across Kerlile is not known, nor is the popularity of reform throughout the country. She was nominated by Councillor Jennifer Hale and seconded by Councillor Electra Georgiou.

Councillor Letitia Greenwood is the daughter of the incumbent President Greenwood, and is a member of the Women’s Party of Kerlile, which has ruled Kerlile since its creation. She is a supporter of the traditional values of Kerlile, and is very popular throughout the country. President Greenwood is very popular, and her resignation was met with sadness throughout Kerlile. Many blame her resignation on the Haven Accords which ended the Lauchenoirian civil war, which have been used to attack Kerlile by the patriarchal countries. Her daughter would be a very popular replacement. She was nominated by Councillor Anita Patel and seconded by Councillor Pauline Pierre.

Councillor Natalia Hart is not a member of either political party, and instead presents herself as a ‘middle ground’ between the two factions. She is a supporter of limited reform, including the closing of the Restricted Region prisons, however she is against ending the restrictions on male employment and education, calling such a move ‘detrimental to the stability of the Matriarchy’. Councillor Hart is a devout follower of the Goddess, and is popular with religious Kerlians. She was nominated by Councillor Lia Chiu and seconded by Councillor Lucia Viallamando.

Councillor Greenwood is the clear frontrunner, and is the most popular candidate amongst Kerlians. If she is the next President of Kerlile, her appointment will be celebrated across the entire country, as she leads Kerlians through the turbulent times that are sure to follow as a result of the Haven Accords and the patriarchal attacks on the Council from foreign governments.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Religious extremists attempt to break prisoners out of Restricted Region
6th June 2019

Fourteen extremist followers of the Goddess were arrested this morning, suspected of involvement in a conspiracy to break convicted criminals out of prisons in the Restricted Region. On Tuesday evening, a breakout took place in a Level 8 Detention Facility within the Restricted Region, in which five criminals managed to escape, and over 30 guards were injured. Terrorist group Warriors of the Goddess claimed responsibility for the attack.

Religious teachings say that after death, the Goddess will punish people in proportion to their sins before they can enter the afterlife. Some religious Kerlians believe that the treatment of criminals inside the Restricted Region is ‘excessively cruel’, and favour the death penalty, so that criminals may be punished by the Goddess instead. Several religious groups have campaigned for the closure of the Restricted Region, protected and backed by Councillor Natalia Hart.

The fourteen arrested today are all suspected members of the outlawed Warriors of the Goddess, and are being interrogated about the location of the five escapees, three of whom have been convicted of terrorism, and two of treason. The arrests took place during a clandestine coffee morning organised by a church in Sophiehill where they were attempting to raise funds for illegal anti-torture protests. Two church elders were among those arrested, accused of organising the illegal meeting, however are not thought to have been involved in the breakout.

The five escapees were all serving life sentences inside a Level 8 Women’s Detention Facility in the Restricted Region (Level 8 denotes the second-highest level of security). Three of the escapees – Dyan Mosconi, Margit Goode and Nerissa Huxley – were members of another outlawed group – the Men’s Equality Movement, a militant organisation who want to end the protections of women’s rights in Kerlile and allow men into positions of power, as in the patriarchal countries.

The other two escapees, Chea Pierno and Margarida Ferreiro, were both convicted of treason in 2018 after attempting to betray Kerlian secrets to the enemy during the war in Lauchenoiria. It is expected that this pair will attempt to illegally cross the Lauchenoirian border. Extra patrols are set to take place at the border, and the Lauchenoirian authorities have been alerted. All five are to be considered armed and dangerous. If seen, Kerlians are urged not to approach, but to immediately contact the authorities.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Robinson daughters discovered hiding near Lauchenoirian border
11th June 2019

The two daughters of Councillor Carmen Robinson, presently under house arrest for suspected treason, were found today hiding in the property of a pro-democracy cult near the Lauchenoirian border. Natasha Robinson, 14, and her sister Imogen, 7, were among seventeen children found on the property after a raid by police.

The group is one of seven ‘democracy cults’ raided in the past six months. The groups seek to illegally home-school their children, teaching them to oppose the government. The groups have no leadership, instead operating ‘democratically’, with all members voting on group policy. Many children born to members of these cults are never registered.

It is now believed that Councillor Robinson hid with this group before her return. All adult members of the group have been arrested for conspiracy to commit treason. The children found on the premises during the raid, with the exception of the Robinson daughters, have been taken to a centre to assess their health and the progress of their education.

The two daughters have been placed in the care of Councillor Pauline Pierre, who was deemed best suited to ensure they could not once again disappear. They will remain in the care of Councillor Pierre until the trial of their mother, Councillor Robinson, which has yet to be scheduled.

If it is confirmed that Councillor Robinson was indeed working with the cult, it is likely her trial will be moved forward. Membership of the cults is strictly forbidden, and interacting with a cult member without reporting the encounter to the police is enough to earn an individual a prison sentence.

Councillor Robinson was today removed from her property and interrogated, after a court ruling forbidding her interrogation was overturned. It is unknown whether or not she will remain in prison afterwards or be returned to her house. Under Kerlian law she is still both entitled and required to attend the presidential appointment debate scheduled for the 28th June.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Councillors comment on suicide rates in Shuell
12th June 2019

Several members of the Council of Kerlile have today commented on the rate of suicides in the Incorporated States of [nation]Shuell[/nation], after new figures were released by the National Shuellian Broadcasting Network on Monday. The suicide rate for men in Shuell is much higher than that for women.

Councillor Electra Georgiou expressed concern about the high rates among men, saying: “it is likely the high suicide rate is a direct result of a culture in Shuell which reinforces traditional patriarchal gender roles. Men are expected, under such a system, to hide their emotions which it has been proven increases the risk of suicide. It is heartbreaking to see that people are dying as a result of this system, and is proof that reform is needed in Shuell, like we seek to do here.”

The sentiment of placing blame on the patriarchy was echoed by Councillor Pauline Pierre, although her view was slightly different: “even men understand how terrible it is to live under the patriarchy. These men who died are the good ones, who felt guilt about their privilege compared to the oppressed women. Shuellians need freedom from misogyny. I am glad to see, however, that despite being oppressed by their patriarchal government, most Shuellian women are strong enough to keep going.”

The issue was also commented on by Councillor Natalia Hart, a devout follower of the Goddess. Suicide is a complex topic in Kerlian religion. Some interpret it as defying the will of the Goddess, and thus is a sin. Others say that the Goddess allows them to take their lives, and so their choice should be respected by humans too. Councillor Hart blamed the issue on Shuell’s lack of faith in the Goddess.

“I am relieved to see that women are unlikely to end their lives in Shuell, and I am pleased that they are taking measures to reduce the suicide rate. However, it is no surprise that many Shuellians are driven to this point – given their lack of faith. Many follow a religion known as Szilankism, however this is no substitute for the faith in the Goddess which gives me and so many Kerlians joy.”

Councillor Rebecca Arnott praised Shuell for attempting to lower the suicide rates, however she believes much more needs to be done. She compared the Shuellian figures with those from Kerlile – which cannot be released in full for security reasons – mentioning that male suicide rates were similar in both nations. She promised that if she is appointed President of Kerlile she will act to try and reduce the male suicide rate in Kerlile, as currently there are no government programs tackling the issue. “The high suicide rates in Shuell are cause for concern, however I am glad to see their government is at least making some effort to reduce them – something we sorely need to do here.”

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Councillor Greenwood promises investigation into democracy cults as Councillor Robinson remains in custody
13th June 2019

Councillor Letitia Greenwood, daughter of current President Joanna Greenwood and frontrunner in the race for her mother’s successor, has today promised that if she is appointed President of Kerlile, her government will launch a full investigation into the prevalence of so-called ‘democracy cults’ across Kerlile.

A ‘democracy cult’ is the colloquial term in Kerlile for groups of pro-democracy fugitives living off the grid in secret compounds with their families. They grow their own food, making their compounds completely self-sufficient, and so they rarely venture off the premises unless engaged in illegal activity. They often neglect to register the births of their children, and they do not send them to school.

Members of democracy cults are frequently supporters or members of terrorist organisations such as the Kerlian Freedom Front (KFF) or the New Democratic Kerlian State (NDKS), who view themselves as the successor to the group destroyed in the civil war in the 1990s. Most democracy cults are found after a member is apprehended carrying out terrorist activities.

Councillor Carmen Robinson was arrested on Tuesday after it transpired that during her period in hiding, she and her daughters resided with a democracy cult in the south of Kerlile. Interacting with known members of these cults is a crime itself – if a Kerlian citizen suspects an individual to be a member, she is required to report it. Councillor Robinson’s two daughters, Natasha (14) and Imogen (7) were found with a cult when it was raided by police. The two daughters are being taken care of by Councillor Pauline Pierre, until such time as their mother’s trial takes place.

Councillor Robinson remains in custody after refusing to answer questions about her time with the cult – and has been formally charged with treason. A date for her trial is set to be announced in the coming days. If found guilty, it is likely she will either be stripped of her title and imprisoned for life, or executed.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Councillor Robinson confesses to treason, trial date set for October
22nd June 2019

Councillor Carmen Robinson has today confessed to treason, after leaking classified information to the so-called Lauchenoirian Resistance during the Lauchenoirian civil war last year, in which Kerlile supported Lauchenoirian government forces against a rebel group led by Laura Moore. She has also confessed to assisting fugitives – the members of a ‘democracy cult’ she lived with while in hiding.

The confession has sent shockwaves throughout Kerlile, with many Kerlians feeling betrayed that a Councillor, someone tasked with the protection of the Matriarchy, could betray national security in this manner. There have been calls for the Robinson family to be stripped of their seat on the Council, supported by Councillor Pauline Pierre, who today said:

“This is not the first time a member of the Robinson family has attempted to subvert the rightful government of this nation. The attempted coup by Carmen Robinson’s grandmother, Joanne, aimed not only to oust my grandmother, but to kill her. Joanne killed herself before she could face justice, but measures have been taken to ensure Carmen cannot. She will face the consequences of her crimes against the Matriarchy.”

Councillor Robinson’s heir, 14-year-old Natasha, was today arrested for property damage and attempted bribery after smashing a downstairs window of the Pierre family residence. She was found, accompanied by her 7-year-old sister Imogen, in the Grapevale City Records Office attempting to bribe an official into producing two fake identity cards. She is currently being held in a juvenile detention centre.

Imogen Robinson was taken to the Hale family residence by a member of Councillor Hale’s household staff, who appeared at the incident shortly after Natasha’s arrest. Councillor Pierre has asked for Imogen’s return to her custody, however Councillor Hale has refused. As long as Imogen remains on Hale family property, she cannot be retrieved without the permission of Councillor Hale.

Councillor Carmen Robinson’s trial is set to begin on the 14th October 2019. She is being held in an undisclosed location, for security purposes. However, unless the Robinsons are stripped of their Council seat – which would require unanimous agreement of the other Councillors – she will be allowed, and required, to attend the presidential selection debate on the 28th June.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Over 200 arrested at illegal ‘anti-torture’ demonstration in Grapevale
23rd June 2019

214 anti-torture campaigners have been arrested at an illegal demonstration which took place today in the capital city of Grapevale. The protest was attended by approximately 300 individuals, most of whom were arrested on the scene following a confrontation during which time some individuals fled. Two police officers were attacked by demonstrators, which led to a violent confrontation. Seventeen individuals are in hospital, including four police officers.

The demonstration comes after the confession of Councillor Robinson to treason – something which campaigners say was the result of enhanced interrogation techniques and should not be counted as evidence. The Council denies using any such techniques on Robinson, stating that using such techniques on a member of the Council would be in violation of Kerlian law, and that Robinson’s confession was ‘fully of her own accord’.

Illegal demonstrations on the subject have been increasing in frequency in the past year. Councillor Anita Patel claims this is a result of the public support of several other Councillors for a banning of physical punishments. Councillors Arnott and Hale have pardoned several individuals involved in organising such protests in the past two months.

Natasha Robinson, fourteen-year-old daughter of Councillor Robinson, was arrested at one such protest in April 2018, organised by a group calling themselves Teenagers Against Torture. The group, comprised of schoolchildren, campaigns against the use of both physical punishments and enhanced interrogation techniques. The group remains legal, following a deadlock within the Council on outlawing the organisation.

A letter signed by several daughters and granddaughters of Councillors – including Reena Patel, granddaughter of Anita Patel, Natasha Robinson and Rosemary Arnott – calling on the Council to outlaw torture as a punishment, was read aloud by a protestor, who was among the first arrested for possession of unauthorised anti-matriarchal materials.

Councillor Rebecca Arnott issued a statement following the incident calling for the release of those arrested: “the volume of public opposition to our current policies on this subject, in spite of the attempts of my fellow Councillors to suppress this feeling, is proof that we must make a change. My friend and fellow Councillor, Carmen Robinson, does not deserve this treatment, and nor does anyone else. We must do better.”

This was echoed by Councillor Natalia Hart, who added: “to torture people as punishment is to disobey the Goddess – as She is the only being who can stand in supreme judgement on those who have sinned.”

However, the third presidential candidate, Letitia Greenwood, disagreed with her opponents, stating: “we cannot allow subversive elements in our society, many of whom are allied with terrorists and traitors, to undermine the mission of the Matriarchy. We are committed to ensuring a nation where women can live without fear of men, and for this to succeed, we cannot allow enemy propaganda about our activities to affect our decision making.

The Matriarchy of Kerlile does not ‘torture’ individuals – all interrogations of those suspected of crimes are carried out with the wellbeing of the individual in mind, and no punishment is given to criminals without the judgement of a Kerlian court. These violent demonstrations, which lead to disruption and injuries, cannot be tolerated.”

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Who will be the next President of Kerlile?
24th June 2019

The Council of Kerlile are scheduled to begin the debate on the appointment of a successor to President Joanna Greenwood on Friday. The Council will remain in an extended session until a successor is chosen from within their own number. No individuals outside of the Council families will be allowed within the building during the debate – even the records of the meeting will be taken by Zan Chiu – one of Councillor Lia Chiu’s granddaughters.

With the Council unable to reach a consensus on the expulsion of the Robinson family from their membership, all ten present Councillors will be in attendance – Anita Patel, Lia Chiu, Pauline Pierre, Electra Georgiou, Lucia Viallamando, Jennifer Hale, Carmen Robinson, Natalia Hart, Rebecca Arnott and Letitia Greenwood. The latter three of these have declared their candidacy already, although any Councillor may declare or withdraw up until the appointment has been made.

It is likely, though not guaranteed, that one of the three who have already declared their candidacy will be the next President of Kerlile. Letitia Greenwood, daughter of Joanna Greenwood and lifelong member of the Women’s Party; Rebecca Arnott, leader of the new opposition Reform Party; or Natalia Hart, member of no party and devout follower of the Goddess. This will be the most contested appointment in Kerlian history.

Letitia Greenwood

Councillor Letitia Greenwood is the 46-year-old daughter of current President Joanna Greenwood, and the great-granddaughter of the first President, Wilma Greenwood. She studied Mathematics at the University of Grapevale, briefly worked for the Kerlian Intelligence Service in her youth, and is an avid follower of baseball and supporter of the Maytown Meerkats. She has a single daughter, Carolyn, who is in her final year of school.

Councillor Greenwood is a member of the Women’s Party of Kerlile, the first and largest political party in Kerlile. Over 70% of women over the age of 16 in Kerlile are members, and every past president has been a member. Councillor Greenwood is a dedicated supporter of the original aims of Kerlile – to create a nation in which all women can feel safe and happy, living without fear of male influence and control.

If elected, she has promised to tackle crime, which has been on the rise in recent years, with the number of people arrested for gang activity 10 times higher than that of 2009. The membership of prohibited groups, including terrorist organisations such as the Kerlian Freedom Front, the Men’s Equality Movement, New Democratic Kerlian State and Warriors of the Goddess. She has also promised to increase healthcare funding and eliminate any reliance on imported goods within 10 years.

Rebecca Arnott

Councillor Rebecca Arnott is descended from the second President, Nancy Arnott, who was responsible for the creation of both the Parliament of Kerlile and the Restricted Region. She was named after President Greenwood’s mother, she did not attend university, worked for the foreign ministry until her mother’s death and has an interest in foreign politics.

Councillor Arnott is the leader of the controversial new opposition party, the Reform Party, created less than a month ago. They aim to ‘reform’ Kerlian society through five main policy changes, ranging from releasing so-called ‘political prisoners’ to loosening regulations preventing men from working in certain sectors. The new party has seen only weak support across Kerlile and is supported by Councillor Robinson who has been accused of treason.

If elected, she has promised to immediately enact the five main policies of the Reform Party, which are: outlawing torture as a punishment and shutting down the Restricted Region, allowing men to pursue further education after the age of 16 and loosening male employment restrictions, an end to the emigration ban, the end to forced labour in prisons and the release of prisoners arrested for certain types of anti-matriarchal activity. She has also suggested that she would order the release of Councillor Robinson, even if she is found guilty of treason.

Natalia Hart

Councillor Natalia Hart is a devout follower of the Goddess and is the only member of the present Council to regularly attend religious services. She provoked controversy in 2009 after she attempted to pardon the leader of terrorist group Warriors of the Goddess – an attempt which was blocked by the rest of the Council. The terrorist leader was sentenced to life in the Restricted Region.

Councillor Hart is not a member of either political party, stating that neither party follows the teachings of the Goddess. She disagrees with the polices of the Women’s Party relating to law and order, and with the Reform party on their stance towards loosening restrictions on men’s employment. Her policies have support from religious leaders and the religious community, however their numbers have been dwindling in recent years.

If elected, she has pledged to immediately shut down the Restricted Region, outlawing any kind of torture as a punishment (but placing no restrictions on interrogation techniques). She is a strong proponent of capital punishment instead. She does not support loosening restrictions on male employment, stating that this would be a ‘betrayal’ of the founding principles of Kerlile, and would risk ‘fracturing’ the Matriarchy.

The debate is set to begin at 10am on Friday in the Council of Kerlile chambers in Grapevale. It is expected to last around ten hours – although may be shorter or longer, depending on what transpires inside. Following the debate, the identity of the new President of Kerlile will be announced publicly.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Siblings of Councillor Arnott arrested following investigation
25th June 2019

An investigation into the illegal raising of male children alongside daughters by various members of the Council today concluded that Carla Arnott, mother of Councillor Rebecca Arnott, was guilty of violating the law requiring potential Council heirs to be raised apart from any male influence, such as brothers or a father. The law was put in place to ensure the stability of the Matriarchy following various attempts by fathers of Council heirs to kidnap their daughters – including such an attempt by Councillor Anita Patel’s biological father.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of being Rebecca Arnott’s biological brothers, although it is not clear what they will be charged with. The men, aged 47 and 50, were found on land owned by the Patel family. They are being held in an undisclosed location. Councillor Arnott was questioned on her upbringing by police, however has not yet been arrested. She has denied the allegations, insisting that her mother raised her and her sister alone.

Publicly released information on the investigation into the upbringing of Council heirs included a statement from a member of a Maytown congregation of the Church of the Goddess, which alleged that Rebecca Arnott had murdered a church minister. The statement agrees with a police report on the death of a minister on the 25th August 2018 by a gunshot wound, a case which was ordered closed by Councillor Arnott. The death of the minister took place during a funeral for a man, suspected of being Rebecca Arnott’s father.

Councillor Arnott’s sister, Claire, is a general in the Kerlian Army. Following these allegations, she has been arrested on suspicion of involvement in a conspiracy to subvert Kerlian law, including covering up the death of her biological father. A spokeswoman for the Arnott family has said that Claire denies these charges, and notes that she was in Lauchenoiria when the death of the minister took place.

Claire Arnott is to be questioned on her upbringing and her relationship with her biological brothers and father. Councillor Arnott has presently declined to answer any questions on the matter, however the Council will meet tomorrow to determine whether or not to order an arrest. Seven Councillors are needed to order the arrest of a fellow Councillor. If Councillor Arnott is arrested, while Councillor Robinson remains in prison, it will be a highly unprecedented event.

Councillor Arnott is among the candidates for the next President of Kerlile. It is uncertain whether or not she will be allowed to remain as a candidate. The debate on the presidential appointment will take place on Friday.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Councillors condemn Arnott arrests after Councillor Arnott is taken into custody
27th June 2019

Four Councillors have condemned the arrests of Councillor Rebecca Arnott’s siblings, which took place on Tuesday. Councillor Chiu has also raised questions on the subject of Councillor Robinson’s arrest – alleging that the charges of treason may have been fabricated by the Councillor Pauline Pierre, citing the long-standing ‘feud’ between the Pierre and Robinson families.

On Tuesday, an investigation into the upbringing of Council heirs concluded that Rebecca Arnott’s mother Carla had violated the law by raising Rebecca and her sister Claire alongside two older male brothers. The Education & Upbringing of Daughters of the Council Act 1956 prohibited potential heirs from being raised with any male influence – such as a father or brothers. Two men, suspected of being Rebecca Arnott’s biological brothers were arrested, alongside Rebecca’s sister, Claire.

Councillor Rebecca Arnott was herself arrested yesterday evening, following new information given to police by her sister. A struggle took place at the Arnott residence at approximately 11:15pm, in which a member of Councillor Arnott’s personal security was shot. She remains in Grapevale Hospital in critical condition. Following the struggle, Councillor Arnott and several members of her household staff were taken into custody.

Today Councillors Hale, Georgiou, Chiu and Viallamando have issued a joint statement condemning the arrests, which claims they were politically motivated and alleges that the investigation, which was ordered by Councillor Patel, was working to ‘remove’ Councillor Arnott from consideration in the presidential appointment debate as she is a political opponent of Councillor Patel. Councillors Hale and Georgiou, along with Councillor Robinson who is presently in prison, are supporters of Arnott’s new Reform Party.

Councillor Patel declined to comment on the allegation that she was responsible for the arrests. Councillor Pauline Pierre has warned that if Rebecca Arnott becomes President, she will “usher in a new era of criminality, and will destroy this country by releasing the traitor Carmen Robinson, who is responsible for our loss last year in Lauchenoiria.”

Councillors Chiu and Viallamando have stated that, while they do not agree wholly with Councillor Arnott’s political agenda, and while they remain members of the Women’s Party of Kerlile, they are ‘concerned’ that the arrests are a symptom of a ‘breakdown’ in the structure of the Council. Their opposition to the arrests will come as a shock to all of Kerlile, and has cast into doubt whether or not Letitia Greenwood will indeed be the next president, something which seems less likely than it did at the beginning of the week.

Councillor Chiu said: “the potential consequences of these events are grave: is it now policy that anyone, even on this Council, who criticises a Patel in the slightest will now have her family arrested and locked up? We of the Council have always managed to settle our differences without resorting to this kind of move. While I am broadly opposed to Arnott’s so-called reforms, this development concerns me.”

While Councillors Hale and Georgiou have maintained before that Councillor Robinson is likely innocent of the charge of treason, Councillors Chiu and Viallamando had previously pushed for her prosecution. However, in light of recent events, they have withdrawn their support and called for her release pending trial. Five Councillors are required to order the release of a prisoner. With both Councillors Arnott and Robinson in prison and unable to vote, Councillor Hart abstaining and the remaining three Councillors opposed, the four who support release do not have the numbers.

In the statement issued by the four Councillors, they call upon their counterparts on the other side of the divide to release Councillors Arnott and Robinson immediately, along with the family members of each arrested (Arnott’s siblings and Robinson’s daughter). The two imprisoned Councillors must be allowed to attend tomorrow’s debate on appointing a new President of Kerlile, unless stripped of their titles, which may only happen if there is a unanimous vote of the rest of the Council.

It is uncertain how Councillors Chiu and Viallamando intend to vote, however they have withdrawn their public support for Letitia Greenwood. The Council of Kerlile debate on the appointment of a successor to President Joanna Greenwood is scheduled to take place tomorrow. All ten Councillors must attend.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Council of Kerlile begins extended session to debate the appointment of a successor to President Greenwood
28th June 2019

All ten members of the Council of Kerlile have begun their extended session to debate the appointment of a successor to President Joanna Greenwood from among their number. Three Councillors – Rebecca Arnott, Letitia Greenwood and Natalia Hart – have announced their candidacy, although any Councillor may withdraw her nomination or nominate another until the conclusion of the debate.

The session is expected to last approximately ten hours, during which time the Councillors will remain in the building, which will remain closed to all but essential personnel. A record of the meeting will be made by a granddaughter of Councillor Patel, instead of the usual staff as the contents of the debate may not be known by those outside of the Council families, as per tradition.

While the approximate length of ten hours has been given, there is the chance that the debate will be much shorter or much longer. The shortest debate in Kerlian history lasted a mere two hours, while the longest lasted four days. It was after the four-day long debate that an extension to the Council Chambers building was made, incorporating small apartments for each Councillor for those working late or who wish to stay overnight in the building.

During the debate, the Councillor who wish to be candidates will be formally nominated and seconded by two other Councillors, after which time they will be allowed to make speeches. The other Councillors will be able to ask questions. Once no further questions are forthcoming, a vote will be taken. If no candidate receives six or more votes, requests for any withdrawals or further nominations will be made.

The debate will continue in this manner until a candidate has been selected. After she is confirmed, the Council will emerge from the chamber and will address the Kerlian public to inform them of the identity of the new President of Kerlile. A formal inauguration will take place one week later.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Council debate continues - delay expected to presidential announcement
29th June 2019

The Council of Kerlile debate on the appointment of a successor to President Greenwood has continued past the predicted ten hours. A representative of the Council has announced that it is unlikely the debate will end any time soon.

This comes after reports that Councillor Patel attempted to exclude Councillors Arnott and Robinson from the meeting due to the accusations against the pair. Councillors Arnott and Robinson arrived at the Council Chamber under heavy guard three hours prior to the debate after having been released from prison for the duration of the debate.

During a short break in proceedings, Councillor Jennifer Hale - in defiance of tradition - spoke to journalists gathered outside the building. She informed the group that a fourth Councillor had been nominated during the meeting, but did not specify which Councillor. She left abruptly after approached by Councillor Patel, who was heard threatening to have her arrested for disclosing classified information.

It is presently uncertain how long the debate will last, but rumours suggest that it will be another twelve hours before the result is known. President Greenwood cut short a meeting with business leaders in Grapevale earlier upon receiving news, the contents of which is unknown.

The debate will continue until a president has been appointed.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Presidential appointment delay: speculation suggests Councillors stalling on purpose
30th June 2019

The debate on appointing a successor to President Joanna Greenwood is continuing in the Council of Kerlile chambers, with some speculation that several Councillors are deliberately stalling the conclusion of the debate. This is not unknown – in the 1990 debate, which lasted four days, Councillors Carla Arnott and Joanna Greenwood deliberately switched their votes multiple times to attempt to delay the appointment due to concerns surrounding the death of Joanna’s mother, Rebecca Greenwood, whom Rebecca Arnott is named after.

This speculation follows an unexpected press release by Councillor Jennifer Hale, who sent a statement to journalists (in violation of tradition, and arguably law) during the session, saying: “We do not intend to allow a new president to take office while Councillors Carmen Robinson and Rebecca Arnott live under the threat of being returned to prison. Unless charges against both Councillors are dropped, this session will not end.”

Yamunda Patel, the second daughter of Councillor Anita Patel, reacted furiously to this statement, telling journalists that Hale and the other Councillors involved in her plot are holding the rest of the Council “hostage”, and that Councillors Robinson and Arnott must face the consequences of their actions. In a public statement, she called Councillor Robinson a “traitor” and suggested that she would like to see her executed. She then attempted to gain entry to the Chamber and was turned away.

Councillor Carmen Robinson has been in prison for over two weeks following allegations that she leaked classified information to the so-called Lauchenoirian Resistance during last year’s war in Lauchenoiria, pending trial. Councillor Rebecca Arnott was arrested three days ago following an investigation into improper conduct in her family regarding the raising of Council heirs alongside male children.

The debate will continue until a president is appointed. No estimated finishing time can presently be given.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

New President of Kerlile announced after 65-hour debate
1st July 2019

The Council of Kerlile has finished their debate on the appointment of a new president after approximately 65 hours. The debate, originally scheduled to last for 10 hours, was delayed by Councillors supporting Carmen Robinson, who had been charged with treason. It was announced shortly before the announcement of the new president that the charges against Councillor Robinson have been dropped.

In a historic event, the new president of Kerlile will be Rebecca Arnott – the first president who is not a member of the Women’s Party of Kerlile. Councillor Arnott is the founder of the new Reform Party, and a supporter of increased rights for men and an advocate for better treatment of prisoners. She won the presidency with seven votes. She becomes president after controversy surrounding her upbringing, although an investigation which led to the arrest of her siblings has been declared flawed, and the siblings released.

The presidency of Rebecca Arnott will lead to major changes in Kerlian society, which many across Kerlile have been advocating in support of for many years. Celebrations among pro-reform groups are taking place across the country, particularly among those groups who have supported men’s rights, which was a major part of Arnott’s platform.

Councillor Arnott said, in a speech following the announcement:

“The time has come for Kerlile to move away from our discriminatory practices against men. We have already built a society where women can thrive, as was the goals of the founders of this great nation. It is now time to move forward, to create a society where everyone can thrive regardless of gender. The time has come to move on from the restrictive policies of our past, to create a society where all, especially women, can be truly free.”

Councillor Arnott will be formally inaugurated as the next president of Kerlile on the 8th July 2019. Outgoing President Joanna Greenwood has not yet commented on Arnott’s victory, however had publicly opposed her platform in the past. For all, among the Council and among the citizens of Kerlile, this will be a decision that fundamentally changes society within this country.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Council of Kerlile holds first session following inauguration of President Arnott
16th July 2019

The Council of Kerlile has begun its first session following the inauguration of Rebecca Arnott as the seventh President of Kerlile. President Arnott is succeeded on the Council by her daughter, Rosemary, who is the youngest member of the Council at only 19. Former President Joanna Greenwood, who now holds no formal office in Kerlile, today left the capital city, returning to her family home in Maytown.

The published agenda for today’s Council session includes a debate on plastic straws, discussion of potential trade deals with other countries, and four matters which were excluded from the published agenda for national security reasons. It is expected that one of the discussions will involve the future of the Restricted Region, something President Arnott promised to abolish if appointed.

The new Councillor Rosemary Arnott arrived at the chamber today after travelling from the apartment in Hazelton, where she has been studying for the past year. It is expected she will support reform, as her mother does. She has announced her intention to continue her studies while serving on the Council – something that would be a first for a Councillor.

Reports suggest that Councillor Anita Patel intends to propose restricting membership of the Council to over-21s, which President Arnott says is a ‘blatant attempt to retain an anti-reform majority on the Council’. The current minimum age for a Councillor is 14, a result of 1934, when the 14-year-old daughter of the first President Wilma Greenwood inherited her seat on the Council.

Reform of the minimum age is something the Council have debated for decades; however, no consensus has been reached. Councillor Patel’s attempt is considered unlikely to succeed – most other Councillors favour 16 or 18. A debate on succession law is scheduled for next week, in which the age will be debated, along with provisions for succession in cases where a Councillor cannot fulfil her duties. This is considered a priority in advance of the verdicts from the Truth & Reconciliation Commission from the Lauchenoirian war.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

President Arnott welcomes idea of trade with Laeral
18th July 2019

President Rebecca Arnott has today welcomed the idea of opening trade relations with the Allied Provinces of Laeral, after Laeralian Trade Minister Raoul Chen suggested on Monday that his ministry would work towards opening trade relations with Kerlile, along with Shuell and Xiomera. In a speech made to various Kerlian business leaders at a dinner in Grapevale, President Arnott said that she would welcome the opportunity to trade with Laeral, and hopes to open negotiations on trade quickly.

“It is time that Kerlile began to develop better relations with the other nations of the world, and trade is a big part of that. I look forward to discussions with Laeral, and I hope we can have a productive trade relationship going forward,” she said. She also mentioned that she would be seeking trade deals with a number of other countries, including Shuell and Libertas Omnium Maximus – the latter of which Kerlile has been in negotiations with since February.

Preliminary discussions on trade with Laeral began at the Tofino Leaders’ Summit in Zamastan in February, which was attended by a Kerlian delegation consisting of Councillor Electra Georgiou, Minister of Foreign Affairs Katrine Porter and Minister for International Trade Ines Abbott. The latter two currently retain those positions, though it is unknown if they will be replaced by President Arnott when she announces her own cabinet. Discussions at the summit were reported to be positive.

A trade deal with Libertas Omnium Maximus is also in the process of being negotiated, following preliminary discussions which also took place at the Tofino summit. Councillor Georgiou previously called these negotiations “a sign that Kerlile is ready to productively engage with the rest of the world, with the aim of improving relations with a wide variety of countries”. Councillor Georgiou has been the strongest proponent of greater trade with other nations on the Council.

It is expected that President Arnott’s government will reach out to a variety of potential trading partners over the coming months. Shuell has been named as a potential trading partner by several Councillors over the past months, and is expected that President Arnott will reach out to Shuell soon. Notably missing from the list of potential partners is southern neighbour Lauchenoiria. Relations between Lauchenoiria and Kerlile have been traditionally hostile, and have only increased in hostility since last year’s war.

Kerlian News Service

International Edition

Radical overhaul of employment & education regulations for men agreed by Council
19th July 2019

The Council of Kerlile has today agreed to a radical overhaul of the regulations governing educational and employment opportunities for male Kerlian citizens. The Male Education and Employment Act (1967) currently restricts employment opportunities for men to a list of sectors stated in the Act, with potential professions including janitor, chauffeur and farm labourer.

The Council of Kerlile today committed to reforming the regulations entirely, to remove the list of approved professions, meaning men would have a much greater variety of employment opportunities. This would be replaced with a list of restrictions to male employment, preventing men from entering certain professions, such as members of parliament and CEOs. While this does not remove restrictions entirely, it would allow men access to a much greater variety of opportunities.

The Council also announced today the opening of the first Men’s Further Education College in the capital city of Grapevale. This will allow men to pursue education in Kerlile past the age of 16 for the first time since 1953. This change is expected to be welcomed by men across Kerlile, who have long since desired further educational opportunities. Councillor Georgiou said on the matter: “for too long Kerlile has been neglecting the talents of half our population, and this will go some way towards rectifying that”.

The changes to the employment regulations are expected to take place within the next few weeks, and applications for courses in the Men’s College have already opened. It is expected that this will go a long way to addressing the employment shortage in certain sectors, and was one of the key five promises of the Reform Party, of which President Rebecca Arnott is the leader and founder.

President Tyagi-Kennedy is pleased to hear that the Council of Kerlile is offering men the opportunity to achieve greater equality through education. Such a decision will surely benefit the entire nation, regardless of gender.

According to the Novanglian Secretary of Education, Christa Sullivan, United New England would be willing to sponsor a collegiate partnership between UNE and Kerlile. We could offer advice to the leadership of the Men’s College and explore the possibility of some of our 547 colleges and universities establishing satellite campuses in Kerlile.

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