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Posted by: Jutsa
10-11-2022, 04:28 AM
Forum: Embassy of Forest
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This thread shall contain all official reports created and requested to be shared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the region of Forest.

WA Delegate - Ruinenlust
Forest Keeper - Garbelia
Deputy Forest Keeper - Jutsa
Foreign Affairs Minister - Daarwyrth
Cartographer - Roless
Lore Minister - Kase
Archivist - Verdant Haven
Forest Rangers - Einswenn & Uan aa Boa

Credit for the header goes to Aclion/Bastiat/Areulder.

Hello all! This is a new thread specifically dedicated to official reports that come out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in our region. Note that if anyone else wishes to create another thread or post elsewhere, help yourself; otherwise, anyone may post in this thread for whatever purpose, however its main function (for me at least) is to have a specific place to communicate unto everyone the ongoings that are specifically requested to be shared by our ministry.

On that note, I have an official update dispatch linked here: Summer 2022 Forest Regional Update created September 29th, 2022.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns; otherwise, feel free to comment as you please. I look forward to sharing more of these with you in the future. ^-^

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Posted by: Xiomera
10-05-2022, 03:37 PM
Forum: International Affairs
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Capantzina stared at the television, lips fixed into a snarl. The DTNS anchor on the screen continued speaking, undisturbed by the glare from half a world away.

"Once again, Xiomeran officials have announced that the ruler of the country, Empress Calhualyana, is expected to give birth to a set of twins within the next few weeks. The announcement was met with celebrations in Xiomera..."

A soft thunk cut off the announcer, as the remote control bounced off the TV screen and shut off the broadcast.

"Mother, I know why the news about that woman upsets you, but breaking the TV won't help," a voice chided gently. Tlacatli bent down to pick up the remote, placing it back on the end table and sitting in a chair next to his mother.

"It's not fair. She gets to sit on the throne she stole from your father, in the country we are exiled from, and now she is having children," Capantzina rasped. She continued to glower at the television, her thoughts as dark as the screen. "And she is having twins, no less! Sometimes I wonder if the gods are fair...." Her voice trailed off.

"I know that expression, mother. What are you thinking?" Tlacatli asked.

"We still have resources and contacts. Calhualyana thinks she is untouchable. And perhaps she is. But her devil spawn...they may not be." Capantzina tapped the end table next to her. "She took a husband and a son from me. I will have two of her loved ones in exchange. If the gods will not be just, I will make my own justice." Her gaze shifted to the wall, where pictures of Xochiuhue and Teoctli stared back.

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Posted by: Lauchenoiria
09-18-2022, 05:13 PM
Forum: Voting Floor
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(03-31-2022, 02:06 PM)Lauchenoiria Wrote:  
The Nuclear and Zombie Defence Act
An act to protect the IDU from nuclear apocalypse and hordes of undead.

The League of International Democratic Union Nations,

BELIEVING it necessary to protect our region in the event of nuclear war or zombie apocalypse;

RECOGNISING that such cataclysmic events require experienced commanders to dedicate their time to the formulation of strategies for survival and victory;

ACKNOWLEDGING the need to grant temporary powers to such individuals to protect our region during these events;

Hereby resolves the following:

§1 Appointment of N-Day General

1. The President of LIDUN is required to appoint an N-Day General no later than the final day of August each year.

2. The N-Day General shall hold their post only until the conclusion of the N-Day event.

3. The N-Day General shall be responsible for:
b. Negotiating Non-Aggression Pacts and other event-only treaties unless we are in an inter-regional alliance.
c. Recruiting other officers before the event, where necessary.
d. Assuming overall command of IDU forces during the N-Day event.

4. The N-Day General has a responsibility to:
a. Ensure that at least one officer is online throughout the event.
b. Ensure other IDU participants are following orders.
c. Prepare and produce a strategy for the IDU’s participation in the event.

5. The Regional Founder shall give the N-Day General both Appearance and Communications authority for the period lasting from the formal announcement of the N-Day event to the conclusion of the event.

6. Any further officers appointed by the N-Day General are required to follow the orders of the N-Day General and uphold the General’s strategy.

§2 N-Day Alliance Formation

1. The N-Day General is responsible for conducting negotiations regarding the IDU’s participation in inter-regional alliances for N-Day.

2. IDU members are entitled to vote on whether or not to join any inter-regional alliance.

3. The President of LIDUN may impose restrictions on the N-Day General regarding topics of negotiation at their discretion.

4. The N-Day General is responsible for liaising with any inter-regional alliance if our participation in such has been decided.

§3 Appointment of Zombie Controller

1. The President of LIDUN is required to appoint a Zombie Controller no later than the 25th of October each year.

2. The Zombie Controller shall hold their post only until the conclusion of the Z-Day event.

3. The Regional Founder is required to give the Zombie Controller Border Control authority for the period of between the 29th October and 2nd November.

4. The Zombie Controller shall be responsible for:
a. Informing member nations of the Regional Anti-Zombie Policy (RAZP).
b. Ensuring the borders of the region are closed throughout the Z-Day event.
c. Ensuring nations adhere to the RAZP.
d. Warning nations violating the RAZP of the potential consequences.
e. Kicking nations who repeatedly ignore said warnings for the duration of the event.

5. The Zombie Controller may appoint further individuals to assist in the issuing of warnings and reminders of the RAZP.

§4 Ejection of Zombie Policy Violators

1. Violators of the Regional Anti-Zombie Policy are entitled to two warnings given by Telegram from the Zombie Controller or their appointees.

2. Nations who persist in the use of Zombie Hordes following two warnings must be expelled from the region by the Zombie Controller or Founder.

3. Nations who persist in the use of Tactical Zombie Elimination Squads following two warnings may be expelled using the Zombie Controller’s discretion.

4. Nations expelled in this way shall be invited to re-join the region following the conclusion of the Z-Day event.

Proposed legislation to deal with N-Day and Z-Day given the changes of government, and therefore who has the power to do certain things relating to these annual mini games with gameside permissions, coordination, and interregional communications.

Due to the time constraints please vote ASAP.

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Posted by: Xiomera
08-28-2022, 12:39 AM
Forum: Planners' Office
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What if Pyramid of Misfortune, the IDU's favorite challenge show, got even bigger and more challenging? What if, instead of just a pyramid, you had to conquer an entire city?

This is the discussion/planning for a potential sequel to the Pyramid of Misfortune RP from 2019. The idea is that, to counter lagging ratings, the producers of the show expand it to create a "city" that is a gauntlet for the competitors to run through, prior to getting to the Pyramid and climbing it. Think of it as a combination of every obstacle course show you've ever seen, with the nasty ingenuity of the Pyramid.

The task would be simple: two competitors are placed on either end of the "city", run the course, and climb the Pyramid at the center. Whoever finishes first (if they finish), wins the round and moves on. There would be either one or two competitors from each nation involved, depending on the amount of interest in the game.

So.....discuss.  Big Grin

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Posted by: Xiomera
08-28-2022, 12:23 AM
Forum: Planners' Office
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This is the planning thread for Yauhmi's planned trip. Her goal, along with negotiating new trade and diplomatic agreements, is to convince everyone that Calhualyana and her Empire are a threat to everyone and get them to act. Will she succeed? That's all up to you.

Her destinations will be in the order of whoever responds to this planning thread. We can do this as either RP posts, or news articles describing the visit and the results. You can also message me on Discord if you prefer.

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Posted by: Xiomera
08-28-2022, 12:16 AM
Forum: International Affairs
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(RP note: At the end of 2019, then-Empress Yauhmi of Xiomera went on an international tour to mend fences with other nations. In 2022, Yauhmi found herself in a very different role. As the queen mother (nantzintli) of Huenya, her task was not so much to mend fences as to build bridges where none existed. In one of the new responsibilities of her position, she was to serve as an international ambassador to represent Huenya on the world stage. It was hoped that some of the old magic she had displayed on that stage would translate to good relations for Huenya with other countries. So at the end of August 2022, Yauhmi would undertake a second tour of the world.)

The Huenyan military transport plane cruised effortlessly over its homeland. Unlike many things in the rebuilding country, the plane functioned perfectly. Much attention was paid to it to make sure it did. It was carrying important cargo, after all.

Yauhmi looked out the window of the plane, musing to herself as the miles slipped by. Three years ago, on a similar trip, she had been the undisputed ruler of an immensely powerful and wealthy nation. Today, she was a deposed monarch of a different country that, though rebuilding fast, was neither wealthy or powerful. One that was under threat from the country she used to rule, no less. Life does love to throw curve balls at us, she thought without sadness.

She leaned back slightly in her chair, seeking a more comfortable position. The military plane, though maintained faultlessly and made as pleasant as possible, was hardly the same as the luxury she had once flown in when she was Empress. Despite the rather stiff chairs, Yauhmi made herself focus on the purpose of her trip. It was far more important than her comfort.

Yauhmi had to see if she could summon her old persuasiveness and charm to convince the world that the Xiomeran Empire, and the ruler who had replaced her, represented the greatest threats possible to world peace and stability. The world so far seemed to want nothing more than to bury its head in the sand concerning Calhualyana and her dreams of a "New Empire". Yauhmi had to wake her fellow leaders up to the seriousness of the threat.

While the negotiation of new diplomatic and economic agreements would be part of her trip as well, of course, the main goal was clear. Convince the rest of the world to take more concrete action to rein in Calhualyana, or depose her, if necessary. It was perhaps the most important task Yauhmi had ever undertaken. It was a deceptively simple goal. Fulfilling it would be anything but.


Unlike Yauhmi, the person seated next to her preferred the military plane to its luxurious Imperial rivals. It was much easier to secure than a civilian counterpart.

Tlalmaxxi had left her assignment to aid the counter-insurgency mission against "Western Xiomera" to come on the trip with Yauhmi. There had been little reason for her to remain on the mission, given the cease-fire declared by Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli. She had considered the cease-fire a grave mistake. She hadn't been the only one, either. The Milintican guerrillas who had been helping on the frontline, refusing to accept the cease-fire, had reportedly left their camp and crossed into insurgent territory en masse to continue fighting. The brave fools have probably all been killed or captured by now, Tlalmaxxi thought as she made herself focus as well on her own mission here. While Tlalmaxxi was partly there to help Yauhmi do her convincing, she was mostly there to protect the nantzintli. Imperial Intelligence probably saw the trip, which was taking Yauhmi far from her well-protected estate in the middle of Huenya, as a prime opportunity to remove her as a thorn in Calhualyana's side once and for all. It also could not be denied that not everyone loved Yauhmi, and the chance of her receiving a negative reception on her travels could not be ignored.

There was one other reason for her to accompany Yauhmi on the trip. Tlalmaxxi was to slowly begin assuming many of the duties Yauhmi was performing, beginning with this trip. While Yauhmi was still more capable than one might expect, being 74 years old was taking a toll. The torture and mistreatment she had suffered while imprisoned during the civil war had taken a greater toll, one unrevealed to most people. It was Yauhmi's typically pragmatic decision that it was time to begin training her replacement.

As the two of the worked through their thoughts, the plane sped towards its first destination.

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Posted by: Shuell
08-27-2022, 02:05 AM
Forum: International Affairs
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United Commonwealth Press - Druk Abjadnanaj Sadružnasci

“The 11-year anniversary of the Czardom’s overthrow and the establishment of the Trans-Sastovian Commonwealth is being celebrated throughout the four republics that make up our great nation, with fireworks displays and parades held in each regional capital. Later today, Prime Minister Kraǔčanka is expected to make a public speech in Stoslaw, which will be broadcast both on television and your local radio stations.

The passing of Foundation Day will also mark the start of the 1993 election season, in what is sure to be a momentous occasion. Due to a combination of both alleged corruption within the FRP and criticism of Prime Minister Kraǔčanka’s response to the ongoing economic crisis, the leading Tryjarchat coalition, comprised of the Federal Republican Party of Vertansk and Solavan, Agrarian-Environmental Union, and the Ikuinist Movement have seen their position challenged by the up and coming Movement for the Defense of the Country, with a stated goal of -“


“Turn that off.”

In Stoslaw, a man in an expensive suit snaps, pressing his hand against his forehead. A team of advisors freeze, staring at him before an aide hurries to the radio and hastily unplugs it.

“Of course, Mr. Prime Minister.”

The man sighs, looking out the window onto the city below. “I don’t need to hear more doomsaying with the Army already breathing down my neck. I know things look bad, but we’ll figure out how to get out of this. We always do.”


“Turn that off.”

In a small village in the mountains of Otika, a child changes the channel to a static-filled recording of folk music. It is the child’s birthday, and the mother had been out all morning picking berries for the dessert. For that moment, none cared about their distant rulers' politics.


“Turn that off.”

In the outskirts of a Solavanian city, two men drive in a now-silent car. The older of the duo is covered in intricate tattoos known as taja by less savory parts of Commonwealth society. The other, a baby-faced young man, anxiously smokes a cigarette in the passenger seat. A loud thud emanates from the trunk as they hit a pothole, causing the younger to flinch.

“Pull over here.” The veteran commands, pointing to a small clearing. “It’s too late to back out now. Get out of the car and help me with this.”


“Turn that off.”

In a distant land, men in old military uniforms surround a map of the Trans-Sastovian Commonwealth. All but one is past their prime, with their once-regal attire now weathered and poorly fitting. In the center stands a tanned, clean-shaven man holding a glass in his right hand. He raises it, clearing his throat.

“We’ve spent eleven years exiled from our homeland. I was barely a man when my family was forced to flee in the night, hardly capable of understanding what was going on. Now, with my father gone, I am forced to take the reins. I assure you, gentlemen - this will be our last year away from home.”

A cheer erupts. The same has been promised every year, of course, but now they can feel it in the air - this time will be different.

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Posted by: Lehvant
08-26-2022, 10:53 PM
Forum: IDU Newswire
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Salvation in the Secular Age: Lehvant's Experiment with Community-Building and Spirituality

The following is an excerpt from the introduction of the book of the same title.

The modernization project of the French settlers in Lehvant was defined by a sense of disjointedness. Today, Lehvantians still use the idiom “to be like a Frenchman” to describe situations where someone is operating without any context of a particular environment. 

Even prior to the 1830 invasion of Jezairé, French pressure was the primary driver of modernizing reforms such as the establishment of equal citizenship instead of the former religious hierarchy, more rights and opportunities for women, and banning practices such as the death penalty. 

This state-driven process of reform, however, created an over-empowered state that came to define the beginning of the period of French rule. The highly centralized bureaucracy inherited by the French was especially destabilizing, which eventually led to the establishment of French Lycée systems to facilitate the education and indoctrination of technocrats. 

In the meantime, the erasure of the traditional “scholarly class” from the public sphere and the lack of coherence of the new bureaucratic structure to much of the public, led to the well-connected and well-spoken elderly community leaders of the time filling this vacuum in public life. The fact that these leaders’ spheres of influence were limited to neighborhoods rather than large districts shaped the community-building processes we see in Lehvantian society today.

Unlike the French rulers who implemented their modernization project wearing cultural blindfolds, the first elected President of Lehvant, Mehdi Kamran, was highly cognizant of these nuances while introducing his secularizing reforms. This is why, as the precursor to these reforms, he recruited many of these community leaders to begin introducing community practices and superstitions of good and bad luck that would have previously been shunned for being pagan in origin or idolatrous. One of the examples of these initial experimentations that remains today is burying pomegranate seeds in the foundation of houses to represent fertility and abundance. Especially in rural communities where agricultural production was of particular importance, superstitious burials such as this became increasingly popular.

This is why in Kamran’s visits to rural Lehvant following some of his more hard-hitting reforms, such as the abolition of religious-political authority and establishments from public life, he urged people to turn to the communitarian practices of village life. During one of such visits, a villager pressed Kamran about how he is expected to repent, or if his government is forcing him to live in sin. In response, Kamran took the seeds of the olives he’d been served by an elderly woman, and planted one. Kamran famously then told the villager, “To plant a seed, to feed the earth and make something grow - what, if not this, could cleanse us from sin?”.   

The “sin gardens” popularized by this story have become a staple of spiritual life in Lehvant, where the structure of organized religion has over time been replaced by norms and practices that symbolize and emphasize collective responsibility. 
Such practices have evolved through meditations and interpretations written by scholars and theorized as a communitarian, hyper-socialized form of mysticism. Communitarian mysticism involves the belief that people collectively create their common material-spiritual reality, as an intertwining of dualities or opposites. 
In his magnum opus “The Dialectic of Spirituality”, Lehvantian divinity scholar Hugo Azimi writes, “Lehvantian mysticism signifies the prospect of a community which emphasizes labor-sharing as a driver of the common good, balancing each person’s knowledge with the intuitive wisdom of others.”. 
Azimi’s socialist reading of spiritual life in Lehvant was a novel approach for its time. Since then, however, an increasing amount of scholars argue that while decentralized, communitarian practices of spirituality were manufactured during the nation’s transition to secularism, it is one of several factors contextualizing the unexpected success of democratic socialism in Lehvant. In a conflict-ridden geography where promises of empowerment for the working class have died quick, violent deaths at the hand of power-hungry authoritarian leaders, Lehvant stands alone as a nation that has lived up to these promises and sustained decentralized, redistributive policies such as workplace democracies and a robust social safety net for several decades. 
Spiritual life in Lehvant has become the backbone and fabric of a society where people are governed as partners, not beneficiaries. 

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Posted by: Libertas Omnium Maximus
08-21-2022, 04:03 AM
Forum: Football Championship
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Football Championship 2022

Welcome to the 2022 International Democratic Union Football Championship!
Hosted by Libertas Omnium Maximus in Litudinem, Iustitia City, Lumeniola, and Perra.

Maximusian Culture Information:

Out of Character Information:

  • Elalia
  • Trive
  • Milintica
  • Slokias Islands

  • Xiomera
  • Greater Acadia
  • Huenya
  • Wosteaque

  • Libertas Omnium Maximus
  • Serriel
  • Laeral
  • Grundhavn

  • Lauchenoiria
  • Eiria
  • Gardavasque
  • Lehvant

Football Championship 2022

Week One Schedule
8/22 - 8/28

ELA v. TRV - Samuel Farthing Memorial Stadium
FSI v. MLA - Bailey Sports Center

WTQ v. XMA - Marconi Stadium
HNA v. GAC - Iustitia City Athletic Center

LOM v. GHN - Granite Park Arena
LRL v. SRL - Stalton Grounds

GDV v. EIR - Mallory Gildon Memorial Sports Center
LHV v. LAU - Tannus Bank Stadium

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Posted by: Cove
08-02-2022, 06:09 PM
Forum: Embassy of Europeia
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[Image: p22021798.png]

  • The Europeian Republican Navy has officially transitioned to LibCord! LibCord is the primary operations center for Defender operations, and this shift in policy for the ERN marks an important step in our growth. As of the time of this writing, the ERN has already participated in 7 update operations with our LibCord friends. Additionally, the ERN participated in a detag operation with The East Pacific.

  • President Writinglegend released a strong statement condemning Operation Ragnorak and voicing support for our historic ally Balder

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs Sopo announced the closure of embassies with Osiris. This decision comes as a result of Osiris’s failure to condemn Operation Ragnorak.

  • Senator Peeps opened a discussion in the Senate regarding the reopening of Arnhelm, this time as a gameside oriented program.

  • Robust discussion occurred in the Grand Hall in regards to RMB moderation and how to properly address Europeia’s resident population.

  • The Ministry of WA Affairs initiated a staff swap with our allies in the Social Liberal Union.

  • A General Election was held, and led to the election of the 5 person 85th Senate. Senators elected were Prim, Peeps, Gorundu, McEntire, and Cove.
Culture News:
  • A Discord movie night was hosted with the Order of the Grey Wardens. The gang watched Turning Red! Additionally, a Discord trivia night and mafia game were hosted.

  • Culture collaborated with Interior for their manual recruitment incentive this week. As stated in the incentive, Culture is currently planning an exciting theme week!

  • Minister of Culture Istillian launched gameside roleplay prompts, along with gameside polling. Recent polling numbers indicate high participation among residents.

  • A Pirate Theme Week was launched on the forums and Discord.
Radio News:
Minister of Radio Lime oversaw the publishing of ten new radio shows.
EBC News:
Eleven articles were published by Minister Seva and the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation. They can be read here:

WA Recommendations:
Several discussion threads have been opened, and eight voting recommendations were released. They can be read here:

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